Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Keeping in touch with your readers

Below is a mass email sent out by Playing with the Enemy author Gary Moore to his email database of personal contacts and also the people who subscribe to his Playing with the Enemy newsletter. It’s a great example of how a successful author stays in touch with his readers and followers:


Title: Happy (day after) Paperback Audio Release Day!
From: Gary W. Moore Author/Speaker

It is out and available! You can find them anywhere fine books are sold and they are available from all the online venues. Playing with the Enemy is out in paperback and audio book and I think you will love the additions. Penguin, my paperback publisher, one of the largest publishers in the world, decided to change the cover and the book subtitle. It is now called “Playing with the Enemy: A Baseball Prodigy, World War II and the Long Journey Home.” I loved the hardback cover but I also love the lighter, brighter look of the paperback/audio book. These new additions have additional information, pictures and a new author afterword. I hope you will check it out!

There's no place like home! Monday night, Barnes & Noble in Bourbonnais hosted the release party for Playing with the Enemy. It was standing room only and the response was both amazing and humbling. Arlene and I are so grateful to all who came to show their support for the launch of the national book tour. Thank you to all.

I am typing this message from Midway Airport as I await my Southwest flight to Cleveland. Please take a look to see where I will be appearing near you. I would love to meet you!

Check out the event schedule!



It doesn’t matter if you have one signing set up or two dozen—keep your contacts in the loop. How are you notifying your contacts about your appearances and spreading the word about your title?


John said...

As always, Sarah, a great and helpful post on marketing your book. I have an e-mail list, and I'm trying to grow it at every possible step. I've seen Gary W. Moore's name popping up all over the place lately. He's certainly doing something right.


Sarah Keeney said...

Hi John,

Thanks. Yes, Gary Moore has done a great job. In case you missed it, Ted Savas wrote an interesting post about the time it takes to build a successful book here.

Gary Moore was also on CNN yesterday! There's a clip here.