Thursday, March 27, 2008

Timing your promotion

There’s never a bad time to promote your book. (Ok, if you send out a press release about your book on Christmas Eve, it might get overlooked.) But, there are some really opportune times when you can make the most of your efforts. Here are a couple quick examples from two of our authors who are using the excitement in their books’ respective community to help spread the word about their new titles:

1. Sports by the Numbers co-author David Horne has entered the blogoshpere to promote the release of two spring baseball titles in the series: Major League Baseball and New York Yankees. He’s using the excitement of baseball fans who are looking forward to the upcoming season (talking about it, making predictions, etc.) and publishing blog posts and commenting on other baseball blogs and forums revolving around the upcoming season. The timing couldn’t be more perfect.

2. Colt Foutz is using a similar timeline for his book Building the Green Machine. He has a great blog on his website where he talks about his new book and the Cavaliers, about whom the book is written. The Cavaliers’ huge summer tour is just around the corner, and anticipation leading up to the Drum and Bugle Corps tour season is mounting. He knows Cavalier fans are excited about the upcoming season and is offering his website blog as a sounding board for people who want to discuss the upcoming season. While visitors are there, they can learn more about his book and check out excerpts.

Both examples are perfect for fans and readers anxious for winter to end and ready for the spring and summer seasons to arrive. How can you time your book marketing efforts to create buzz about your book and receive the best response?

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Colt Foutz said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Sarah. (And David, as a former sportswriter and ongoing SportsCenter junkie, I look forward to the baseball titles -- a great series for Savas Beatie.)

I enjoy keeping up the blog. Maybe that sounds funny to those who also know the stress of coming up with something to say every couple of days, and then eyeballing the hit counter to see who is listening to you say it.

But for me, it's a little like working through the list of stories I used to tackle as a daily newspaper reporter. I mean, of course you can find *something* to write about every day or so.

But the main *fun* in blogging, if I can call it that, is connecting with readers. As far as drum corps goes, I already do this on discussion sites like Drum Corps Planet and the Cavaliers forum, etc., but it's neat to carry on a dialogue with readers about the history you captured in a book. There's always so much more that ISN'T on the page, you know? And here's a place to share those anecdotes, give folks a little more, and get a charge out of what they have to say as well.

At any rate, it helps to have an active web designer, too. We've just updated our NEWS page, and look for other updates as the marching season heats up!


Colt Foutz, author
Don Warren and Sixty Years with the World Champion Cavaliers Drum & Bugle Corps