Friday, April 11, 2008

Donating copies of your book

We received a flier from the Camp Pendleton Officers Wives Club in San Diego, CA awhile back. They are having an auction later this month and were requesting donations of prizes they can auction off to raise money for their organization. Our book Surviving Military Separation came out earlier this year and was a perfect fit for their audience so we donated a few copies of the book to the event. They will be incorporating the book into gift baskets they are creating to auction off. They are also displaying fliers about the book on each of the dinner tables. Whenever you receive requests for donations of your book, think about where it will be placed, who will see it, and if it will lead to future book sales down the road.


Colt Foutz said...

Hi Sarah,

Great tip there. As a journalist, I participated in several auctions for lunches with me, etc. And though I always cringed when it came time for somebody (somebody else, fortunately) to write the article for the newspaper about how much was bid on me, the experience was always fun!

The same held true for donating Building the Green Machine to the Chicago Youth Symphony Orhcestra auction this winter. The coordinator of the event was a friend of a source of mine back in my days covering the Downers Grove Park District, and she was also in touch with the Cavaliers about donating a T-shirt, DVD, etc. The addition a book autographed by me, as author, and Don Warren, the founder of the Cavaliers, made it a neat item for the folks with musical backgrounds attending the event.

And we threw in an author visit, too!

Sarah Keeney said...

Hi Colt,

Thanks, another great example.