Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Author Radio Interviews Pay Off

Ted Savas had a poll on his blog recently: Have you ever bought a book after hearing the author on a radio interview? 75% of people said yes. Authors, this goes to show you how important a radio interview can be to spreading the word about your book. Whether it is a small town radio station interview on a weekend morning, a popular drive-time show in a mid-size city, or a syndicated talk show, being interviewed about your book pays off. The pay off is both in immediate sales and those that occur down the road, as people who heard you being interviewed spread the word.

Here are a couple of ideas for setting up radio interviews:

1. TIMING: Think about what time of the year would be best for an interview about your book. If it’s a new release, there’s your hook. Times of the year that match a theme in your book also work. Gary Moore is frequently interviewed about his book Playing with the Enemy (about his father’s life and baseball career) on and around every Father’s Day. If your book is about a particular holiday or historic battle, try to set up interviews to coincide with that date. Producers and hosts are always looking for a way to tie a guest into something happening locally or a current event.

2. TRAVEL: Will you be traveling for your job or a book signing event in the near future? See about setting up a radio interview at that city’s local radio station. Find out from a local which show would be the best fit. Or, call the radio station directly and see if they have a suggestion. Some colleges have great radio stations as well. Consider calling the local Chamber or Commerce or an independent bookstore and ask for a suggestion. Usually people who work at these places are more than happy to help. Or, they can point you in the right direction.

What else can you do to help promote your book on the radio? Even better, rather than just be interviewed, have your own radio show and interview others. More on that in the next post . . .

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