Thursday, March 20, 2008

Book Signing Material

There was an author book signing at the Borders in Folsom, CA over the weekend. Author John Poswall was signing copies of his new book The Altar Boys at a small table near the front of the store for walk-in traffic. I might have walked right past it, but the person holding the video camera near the table caught my eye. I followed the direction the camera was pointing to see what he was recording: it was the author chatting with customers and signing copies of his book for them. The author said he will be posting video clips from his signing on his website. What a great way to attract attention to an event in the store and to also continue publicizing it after the fact with some visual website content.

Author Mark Wilensky will be speaking at Tattered Cover bookstore in Colorado on April 29. He wanted to set up his website on a projector to use during the presentation. Unfortunately, the store does events in the lower level of an old stone building which can’t get internet access. Instead, Mr. Wilensky will be printing out copies of the sketch game on his website for children in the audience to complete.

What can you bring to the table to attract attention to your event?

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