Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Book Expo America 2010, Part 3

Day Two at Book Expo America – Military Education Benefits for College authors David Renza and Edmund Lizotte took the train in to New York from their jobs at Post University in Connecticut for their first book signing. The authors have created a wonderful website resource for anyone wondering about education benefits. Be sure to check it out here.

Veronica, Sarah, and David Renza at the Casemate Publisher booth, holding copies of Military Education Benefits for College.

Ken Hudnall, author of The Veterans Practical Primer and Blog Talk Radio show host, talks about military benefits with Veronica and David Renza.

David and Ed Lizotte appeared on Ken’s radio show last week to discuss their book.

David signs his first copy of Military Education Benefits for College for a book buyer.

Sarah and David talk with a recent vet about accessing college assistance.

Ed Lizotte and David Renza at their book’s debut event.

The authors signed copies for many people whose son, nephew, neighbor, etc. was in the military.

Many high school and public school librarians asked for autographed books to be made out to their libraries so students and patrons could learn about the benefits available to them.

Victor gets his copy signed.

Veronica, Sarah, Ed, and David at the end of the day.

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