Monday, June 7, 2010

Book Expo America 2010, Part 2

After a morning at Fox and Friends, Fighting Words author Richard Miller headed over to Book Expo America for a signing at the Casemate booth. Richard’s blog, where he posts “Snap Analysis’” of current news items is fantastic. If you aren’t following it, you are missing out.

Richard signs a copy of Fighting Words for the first people in line.

Richard and Ellen Ratner converse with a book buyer.

The line for a signed copy of Fighting Words grows.

Richard verifies the spelling of a librarian’s name as he personalizes a copy of Fighting Words.

Richard and Ellen Ratner talk to Mark Kuta, author of Think Like a CEO, who was getting a copy of Fighting Words signed for his friend, Alan Jilka, who is running for Congress in Kansas. Richard will be commenting on many political and campaign speeches in the Fall campaign season.

Richard with Mark Kuta, author of Think Like a CEO.

Richard gets his photo taken by press at Book Expo America. The photographer said the bowtie caught her eye, and she came over to snap a few shots!

Veronica holds a copy of Fighting Words at the Casemate booth.

Sarah, Richard, and Ellen Ratner after a successful signing.

Richard and Ellen, posing for two different cameras with a copy of Fighting Words.

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