Friday, August 7, 2009

Quick Tip for Radio Interviews

Today we listened to Flying Drunk author Joe Balzer’s interview on The Don Shelby Show on WCCO out of Minneapolis. He did a good job, and the host had definitely done his homework. Don was very familiar with Joe’s story, and was clearly a big fan of the book

Near the end of the interview, Don said, “I’d fly on a plane you were flying any day, Joe. That’s how much I trust you. I recommend that everyone read Flying Drunk.” I was surprised to hear such high praise from an interviewer, and quickly grabbed a piece of paper to write the endorsement down.

I emailed the producer a thank you after the show (as we always do) and included a copy of the quote, asking for her permission to use it on the Praise page of our website, and to help us book more radio interviews. She checked with Don, he approved it, and now it is up on the Flying Drunk website here!

Keep an ear out for similar words in your interviews, ask the host for permission to reprint them, and then post wherever it would help. A quick and simple way to add prestige to your book.

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