Thursday, October 13, 2011

Why surveys are important, and how to best use them

Everyone knows what a survey is and most have taken at least one survey in their life. But what actually makes a survey valuable? A survey is a means for a business to collect data about their products and their customers likes and dislikes. Surveys allow a business to quickly collect data from consumers and put a plan in action to improve products.

Of course the goal is not just to administer the survey as quickly as possible. It takes some time to weed out questions that aren't important. When creating a survey, always ask yourself if the questions will benefit you. In other words, don't ask questions that won't give you valuable feedback. Ask questions where customers give more than a simple "yes" or "no" answer. In some cases, a one word answer is fine, but you should always offer a place for comments. One good comment out of a hundred could make the difference in selling a particular product or not.

Savas Beatie recently released a customer survey. The goal of the survey is to improve upon our books in general and the Savas Beatie website in particular, in order to meet customer's needs. All feedback from SB patrons, whether positive or negative, is valuable. We always want to know what we are doing right and what we can do better. The goal of our survey was to encompass a wide range of topics that customers can think about, but the questions mostly pertain to the Savas Beatie website.

Take a look at the survey here, or simply scroll down to the last post. Stay tuned for a results update!


Cardiff web design said...

Hi! I've clicked the link to the survey but I didn't see any survey at all. Is there something wrong? Please advise. Thanks!


Jeremy Basingstoke said...
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Jeremy Basingstoke said...
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