Tuesday, December 29, 2009

If Alton Brown Can Make a Book Trailer in His Own Home . . .

. . . So Can You!

For those of you who aren’t “foodies” Alton Brown is the host of the successful show Good Eats on The Food Network, as well as the author of food and cookbooks.

His new book, Good Eats: The Early Years, came out this year. Watch the book trailer that is prominent on the publisher’s website and on You Tube.

It’s a different style than the book trailers that we normally produce. Ours usually have voiceover and music coupled with photos, video, and text. For authors who don’t know how to create this type of book trailer on their own (or don’t know somebody who can), try this Alton Brown model instead. Here are a few of the benefits:

  • Script – write and rehearse your script (note how the last half of the trailer is a huge plug for the book, what it includes, and why you should buy it, complete with repetition of the title and where you can find it)
  • Shot on location – from your very own home (use a library bookshelf as a background for a scholarly work)
  • Cameraman – a video camera, tripod, and swivel and you are set
  • Actors – there is one author on camera the whole time - you just need yourself!

You can produce your own book trailer. Tuna man optional.


Jen said...

I enjoyed your post and was glad to see a fresh take on the book trailer. My husband, a graphic artist/designer, has started producing book trailers. The Alton Brown video is an example of what could be done with a Flip cam and an author with personality! You can see some of Tim's work at http://www.standardbookvideos.com and http://www.timmcdonough.org.

I look forward to reading more of your posts and I'm glad I found you!

Happy New Year!

Jenni Bowring
Free Spirit Publishing

Sarah Keeney said...

Thanks for stopping by, Jenni. Yes, personality is needed for this type of book trailer. =) I will be sure to check out the websistes you mentioned.