Monday, June 8, 2009

Part 2 – Catskills, New York

Ellen Ratner, Ted Savas, and Bob Ney prepping for dessert!
Bob Ney, Ted Savas, Ellen Ratner, and Richard Miller at "the most beautiful spot in New York." Hard to top that view.

Ted on the Ratner farm with Pavo the turkey.

Ted and I left Book Expo America early for a trip to the Catskills area of New York. We were guests at Ellen Ratner’s house for the weekend, along with soon-to-be Savas Beatie author Richard Miller and Bob Ney, political analyst for Talk Radio News Service.

Saturday night we all made a delicious dinner together, including steak, fish, grilled corn and asparagus, salad, and a Savas Beatie Apple Pie for dessert! (Are you hungry yet?) Sunday morning we had a marketing meeting to strategize for the 2010 release of Fighting Words by Richard Miller. We followed this with a beautiful walk AND an ATV ride around the property, a trip to visit the Ratner farm (bunnies, turkeys, goats, and all!), and more good food.

It was a great mix of business and pleasure, and a weekend to remember.


J David Petruzzi said...

Sounds like dinner was excellent!

By the way, which one in that picture is the turkey??


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Sarah Keeney said...

Oh, sorry. I should have clarified that. They are two different breeds, the one on the left being more common. =)


Mark Hughes said...


While the bronze turkey on the left once was the dominant commercial breed of turkey, the white turkey (all white feathers) has replaced it as the dominant commercial breed of turkey. Only a handful of commercial farmers raise bronze turkeys. It’s a shame bronze turkeys are much prettier than the white turkey and they have a modicum of sense.

Domestic turkeys are dumb. I once saw one drink himself to death. He kept pecking at the reflection of the turkey he saw in the drinker. I carried him about 100 hundred yards away and he ran back to the drinker.
Mark Hughes, author of The New Civil War Handbook", who grew up on a turkey farm.