Monday, January 26, 2009

Another New Amazon Feature – helpful?

Amazon has a lot of great features for publishers and authors to use such as Amazon Marketplace, Amazon Connect, Tags, and Listmania.

We came across a new one recently, Author Stores. It is a new way to search for books by featuring all the books by a particular author on one page. There is also some additional content on many of the pages such as an author photo, biography, and links to that author’s favorite books.

There is a directory of all the authors who currently have pages here. Here’s the J. K. Rowling page as an example. Authors can create their own pages too. Directions are posted here.

It will be interesting to see if the Author Store pages take off. It’s nice to have all the info on one page. When you search for a book by an author’s name on Amazon the regular way (in the search bar), you are bound to get a lot of unrelated material written by authors with similar names. However, I don’t like how some of the content on the Author Store pages opens in a new pop up window, darkening out the page you were looking at behind it. Try it out and see.


Larry Tagg said...

This looks like something I'd be interested in checking into. Thanks for the heads up, Sarah.


Anonymous said...

Said William Blake (1757-1827) of two poets who went from town to town marketing their newly published volume...

"They rocked on their hobby horse and called it Pegasis."

How little times have changed.