Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Photo sections on your website

Once a Marine webmaster Brian King put together a nice photo section on the book’s website with pictures from Nick Popaditch’s recent speaking engagements and events. You can view it here.

The Playing with the Enemy website also has a fantastic photo section. Gary and Arlene Moore took pictures of everyone who purchased a copy of Gary Moore’s book at bookstore events, library talks, etc. with Gary signing the book during his book tour. Gary’s wife Arlene, the photographer, wrote down names and email addresses after each photo, and told everyone to check out the Playing with the Enemy website in a couple of days to see their photos. This was a great way to get people hopping to the website, looking around, and sharing the link with their friends. “Hey, check out this picture of me at a local book signing. I think you would really enjoy the book . . .” This process set up a great feature of the website, increased website traffic, and led to more book orders.

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